Enumerators VASyR / VARON 2019 (March 27th – May 5th 2019)

South Lebanon

Part Time

  • Deadline for Applications: 20th March 2019
  • Job DESCRIPTION: Purpose and background
    The annual vulnerability assessment of Syrian refugees (VASyR) and refugees of other nationalities (VARON) is a nation-wide exercise aimed at providing a yearly, multi-sectoral update of the vulnerabilities of refugees living in Lebanon. Through surveys at the household level the assessments aim to provide insight on a variety of different themes including demographics, protection, health, shelter, socio-economic vulnerability, food consumption, food security, coping strategies, livelihoods, WASH and education.
    Each data collection team will consist of two enumerators responsible for carrying out the households visits and conducting the survey interviews as per outlined below and for the period from March 27th until May 5th, 2019.
  • Job Qualifications: Key Responsibilities • Attend trainings coordinated by UNHCR, WFP and UNICEF • Participate in field testing of the questionnaire • Contact selected households through phone calls to set appointments for the household visit. • Gather and accurately record responses of the subjects being interviewed on digital devices (tablets). • Ensure that the questionnaire has been thoroughly checked and completed. • Complete household visits per day and team as per work plan indicated by UNHCR • Represent UN agencies in a professional and courteous manner at all times • Plan logistics for fieldwork, including visit locations and times, as well as coordination with drivers accordingly • Keep track of all contacted and visited households and ensure timeliness of action. • Make sure that the digital devices are fully charged prior to field work • Responsible for security and confidentiality of the electronic data. • Destroy any note used during the interview including any identifiable information (e.g. case number, name, contact details) • Return the digital devices in the same conditions that they have been received • Gather information in an objective, appropriate and sensitive way adhering the code of conduct for enumerators (attached) • Effectively convey information, in Arabic language ONLY • Track the starting and ending times of the HHs visits • Return to the supervisor for reviewing • Make sure that the HHs visits are saved before leaving the HHs space • Submit completed forms at the end of each working day. • Recognize and give an account of problems in obtaining data during the assessment and other challenges encountered. Reporting Arrangements The Enumerators will report to the Field supervisor. Essential Qualifications: • Fluent in Arabic • Working knowledge in English • Basic understanding of technology such as mobile phones, computers and tablets. • Advanced level certificate (university education desired) Skills and Traits: • Good understanding and knowledge of the refugees situation and of the Syrians crises • Acting with appropriate respect for local culture, understanding and interpreting reactions in a culturally and gender sensitive way • Personable and able to build trusting relationships • Able to remain impartial and maintain confidence • Able to elicit information without leading the interviewee Important code of conduct for enumerators 1 Honesty and Integrity The credibility of the outcome of the entire survey rests solely on the accuracy and integrity of data collection exercise. It is critical to record data in a timely and accurate manner. Avoid memorizing and filling the answers later as such entries eventually end up being inaccurate. Never falsify data of any kind as the submission of fabricated records could lead to an immediate dismissal. If you suspect that a responder is deliberately falsifying his or her responses, keep note of the findings and contact your supervisor for advice. 2 Confidentiality All information gathered in surveys is highly personal and sensitive. You have to understand that respondents are only giving out information because they trust you and the organization you work for. Prior to the interview, you are mandated to always guarantee respondents that the information they provide will be kept strictly anonymous and confidential, and will be used for analysis purposes only. Collected data must never be shared or discussed with anyone who is not your supervisor or a member of the same organization. Data may not be used for any other purpose other than the survey. Enumerators must not discuss the data of specific individuals among themselves, with family, friends, or colleagues. All data collected and any survey materials, including questionnaires and guides, are the property of the project and cannot be shared with anybody else apart from the supervisor or the organization you work for. 3 Ethics Surveys and interviews may not be delegated to any other individual and must be completed by the assigned Enumerator. You should never collect data over a cell phone. No business or political identification may be distributed. 4 Neutrality You have to maintain your neutrality and impartiality as an enumerator during the survey. This means that you work without any political, religious, social, clan-based affiliation. It is neither necessary nor appropriate to comment on or defend any local, state or political policy. 5 Professionalism Be mindful of the fact that you are being entrusted with an important task that contributes immeasurably to the improvement of safety in your areas as a whole. Be proud of that fact, and take that responsibility seriously. Interested candidates please send CV to before Tuesday the 20th of March 2019, and mention clearly in the subject the position applying for.